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Window Replacements and Installations in Salt Lake City

When it’s time to give your home an upgrade, consider getting window installations in Salt Lake City. Windows add to your home’s curb appeal and enhance the ambiance of your interiors at a fraction of the cost of most other renovation projects. They also let in natural light and help ensure proper ventilation throughout your house.

But shopping for windows needs careful thought. You’re not just looking at the aesthetic merits of a particular style, but also other important things:

  • Is it compatible with your house’s structure? Some windows require a minimum wall thickness. Others are so unwieldy that they need heavy-duty reinforcements built into the walls for added support. With Topp Remodeling & Construction as your contractor, however, this won’t be an issue. We’ll make sure your choice of windows matches your house’s structure.
  • What’s your ROI? If your Salt Lake City house is long overdue for a window replacement, choose a style and make that promises satisfying returns (e.g., adds to your house’s market value and reduces air leaks in your home).

Trust Only the Experts

Choosing the perfect windows for your home is just the beginning; hiring window installation experts is your next task.

A high-quality window loses its value when it’s not installed correctly. This is why you need the professionals at Topp Remodeling & Construction to replace and install your windows. With our tools, equipment and decades of experience, our window installations are the best.

Our Process: What to Expect from the Topp Crew

Topp Remodeling & Construction satisfies your needs and expectations. We follow a systematic installation process to achieve this goal:

  1. Site visit — We visit your home to assess logistics, take measurements and do other preliminary checks.
  2. Site preparation — On installation day, our crew begins by prepping the area. We remove furniture and fixtures and lay out drop cloths to minimize the spread of concrete dust and debris.
  3. Window cleaning and removal — We carefully remove your old window to maintain the dimensions of the opening.
  4. Insulation and window installation — Our crew puts your new windows in place, along with the necessary insulation. We then seal it off and add matching trim.
  5. Final inspection — Once we’re done, we invite you to inspect our work and confirm everything is to your satisfaction.

We’ve been serving clients in Salt Lake City since 1995. Our service area also includes Salt Lake County and Summit County, Utah.

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