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Add a Secret Room to Your New Custom Home

If you’re planning a new custom home, the floorplan layout forms the basis for the entire project. More and more often, clients ask to add fun and functional secret rooms or hidden passageways.

custom home secret room


In some cases, these requests are motivated by home security and protecting the family. Other clients just want to have a little fun, a la “Scooby Doo” or Victorian mystery stories. You may be surprised to learn that these features can be added to your plan without a huge hit to the budget.

What could you do with a secret room in your new residential construction design?

Add a Secret Room Behind a Bookcase Door

The sentimental favorite for accessing secret rooms is the bookcase that’s actually a hidden door.

When planning your custom home, add a wall of bookcases with a doorway. We will then construct one of the bookcases to be operable, swinging on hinges like a door. You probably won’t be able to open it by winggling your first edition of “The Raven,” but we will conceal the handle so no one will ever know it’s there.

Behind your bookcase door, you can create any type of room you like. Add a powder room, hidden reading nook, or a private office where you can escape to peace and quiet. Or, if home security is a priority for you, we can create a full “panic room” where your family can hide out in the event of an emergency.

If you don’t want an entire room behind the secret door, how about a simple wet bar and mini fridge?

Add a Secret Passageway in Your Custom Home

In the 18th century, custom homes often included some type of secondary access to other parts of the home. A back staircase leading to the upper floors, for example, or a butler’s pantry that served as a shortcut between the kitchen and formal dining area.

In your custom home, you can turn any secondary hallway into a secret passage, simply by masking the doorway.

We can accomplish this surreptitious goal in a variety of ways, using wood paneling, faux stone or another type of wall treatment. To access your secret passageway, simply push the magic button or lever hidden in a convenient spot nearby.

Add a Secret Wine Cellar to Your Custom Home

Another client favorite is the secret wine cellar, accessed by a hidden panel in the floor – or a hidden door, if you prefer.

Because most of the Utah custom homes we build include a basement, this is an easy feature to incorporate. If a wine cellar isn’t for you, you can use this secret underground space for a kids’ playroom, secondary pantry or as extra storage for holiday decorations, sporting goods or whatever you like.

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