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Basement Remodel Plans? Consider a Man Cave!

A well-thought out basement remodel can result in a family room, office, or media room, but increasingly, the final product is considered a man cave. In an era when open floor plans that bring the family together are a popular use of interior space, individual members aim to carve out personal space. For men, who may want an area where friends can congregate for sporting events on TV, or a place to display their collection of trains or bowling trophies, the area may be in a basement, garage, or other area of the house that may be "off limits" to other family members.

What Distinguishes a Man Cave?Basement Remodel Utah

The thinking behind man caves is that the rest of the house belongs to the family and specifically the woman. It is usually the woman who oversees decorating decisions throughout the house; The man’s style may look out of place with rest of the house, while the house rules might be "no feet on the furniture" or "no smoking." A man cave might be set up to cater to entertaining friends in a relaxing manner or be reflective of personal interests or provide space to engage in hobbies.

Some man caves consist of comfortable furniture and a big screen TV. But, when remodeling a basement or other area specifically for a man cave, the room might be set up to contain features that cater to male interest. For example, a movie buff or audiophile might have projectors, an excellent sound system, and room darkening lines to create a menu. Someone interested in gaming might have an assortment of arcade games and computer stations. A man who wanted to have his friends over to smoke cigars and drink wine, beer, or whiskey might have a bar, wine cellar, and humidors.

What Your Basement Remodel Must Include for a Successful Man Cave

Setting up a man cave requires more than decorating it to a theme. You can fill it with old comfortable furniture or trendy new theater chairs and a variety of boy toys, but to make a basement, garage, or other area suitable for socializing, you should first make sure that the area will remain dry and comfortable and able to handle your requirements. You should ask these questions and with the help of a contractor, if necessary, come up with a satisfactory answer:

  • Has the room had a problem with flooding that calls for a sump pump and a perimeter drain?
  • Are the walls and floors moisture resistant to withstand humidity?
  • Do you need a dehumidifier to eliminate musty orders?
  • Does the room need more exterior wall installation to ensure comfort?
  • Are there plumbing facilities, such as a toilet, sink, and perhaps even a shower available?
  • Is the room soundproofed?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets and capacity to withstand an overload of electronics?

The best way to create an ideal man cave is to decide the focus of activities that will take place in the area, and then make sure that all mechanical systems are in line to support your needs. A good contractor such as Topp Remodeling and Construction will make sure that all elements of your basement remodel are in line to make for a comfortable man cave.