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Considering a Condo Renovation? Use a Professional

If you're considering a condo renovation, you need both a good contractor and a thorough understanding of the rules of the condo association. Certain aspects of repairs and upgrades Condo Renovationsare handled by the association, while there are things that are your responsibility which must be done to meet certain standards. As a third consideration, there might be some renovations that violate the association rules.

To make sure your condo renovation goes smoothly, hire a professional contractor to ensure the job is done properly.

Before You Begin a Condo Renovation

Before you begin a condo renovation, make sure you:

  • Know your association responsibilities. Most condo associations attend to upgrades to the front door, windows, balconies, heating and air-conditioning units, halls, lobbies, and common areas, and have standards to do the work. If you want to add a distinctive front door or paint it a color to stand out, you probably will not be allowed to.
  • Know what your association permits. If you want to remove a wall to create an open concept within your unit, you may have to get permission from the condo board as plumbing, HVAC, or electrical wiring for the building may run in the wall. Your contractor, along with an architect, may be able to suggest a way to keep building systems intact while allowing you to make desired changes.
  • Ask about your rights. The best way to protect yourself when making renovations is to ask the association if they will allow a specific upgrade. Your contract, which states the rules, may offer the information in a hard to understand way. Asking for clarification in an email offers you a legal paper trail.
  • Find an experienced contractor to handle your condo renovations. Many area contractors are familiar with working with the constraints of condo regulations, which often include only doing work during specific hours. A professional who your neighbors have used may be a good place to start.
  • Are prepared to pay a deposit for damage. When your condo renovations may impact the common areas, the condo board may require a deposit for potential damage. They may let you tear down the wall, but may charge you to make sure that your contractor properly moves wiring or other systems inside.

Find a Contractor You can Trust to do the Job Right

What you can do in a particular condominium varies. It is important that you carefully check the rules before making any changes and notify the board of your plans for specific additions. Most provide a list of acceptable changes you can make. If you do any upgrades that violate the rules, you may have to redo work at your own expense to comply with the rules.

If you are considering a condo renovation in Utah, contact Topp Remodeling and Construction for an expert contractor who will ensure that the work meets your specifications and those of your condo association.