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Does Your Master Bathroom Remodel Have to Include a Tub?

During a master bathroom remodel, homeowners who are looking to maximize the space may consider removing the bathtub and replacing it with a large luxurious walk in shower. Is Master Bathroom Remodelthis a good idea, especially when considering the long-term sales potential of the home? Should you let a good contractor help you design the bathroom of your dream with just a shower?

Why Omit the Tub in a Master Bathroom Remodel?

Omitting a bathtub in a master bathroom can save thousands of dollars and leave room for many other features popular in modern bathroom design such as a private toilet, separate vanities, larger multi-featured showers, additional linen space, heated flooring, and other upgrades. Modern showers, often works of art beautified with complex tile work on the floor, sides, and ceiling, feature multiple showerheads, body sprays, lights, and sound to make the shower a feature that appeals to multiple senses.

Whether to forgo a bathtub in order to finance and have room for all this sparks lively debate among the real estate agents, who are quick to say that many buyers, especially ones with children, want and need a bathtub somewhere in the house. Giving young children a bath is easier than giving them a shower. Having a home with no bathtub at all limits potential buyers, but what you do with the master bath is another matter. As RealtorĀ® Jim Cotungo learned in a recent LinkedIn discussion, there are good reasons to opt for the shower instead of splitting the space up to have a separate shower and tub, a common approach in master baths. His findings were the subject of an article in

Bathrooms Can be Relaxing - or a Waste

Large tubs with Jacuzzis and whirlpools can be relaxing, but many busy homeowners find taking a bath too time-consuming, which makes a Jacuzzi or whirlpool tub a costly install that may be used only a couple times a year. While more women than men wanted a tub, the ratio was one third women to 10% men, which means that 70% of women did not care either. Many people who like a tub are quite adamant about the soothing properties, especially if they have arthritis or some other condition that that feels better when soaking in a tub; older respondents found bathtubs too hard to maneuver.

Though some people enjoyed relaxing in a tub, some responders expressed concerns about water waste. While a standard five foot tub takes 40 to 50 gallons of water, larger soaking tubs and spot tugs can take up to 100 gallons. They use so much water that they may require a larger capacity water line for quicker filling, and a larger capacity or separate water heater so as not to use all the hot water needed for the home.

Opt for What Fits Your Lifestyle

The consensus? Since having a bathtub in the master bath is not a deal breaker for many home-buyers, you are free to remodel your bathroom the way that best fits your lifestyle. A good contractor can show you potential layouts - and costs - with and without a tub help you finalize your decision. For design and construction expertise when doing a bathroom remodel, contact Topp Remodeling and Construction for a free consultation and advice about what your bathroom should include.