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Remodeling After Water Damage

Remodeling After Water Damage

As our extreme snowpack melts, many homes in our state will see some flooding. If you’re concerned about your home, there are steps you can take to minimize potential problems. If you have a sump pump, check it regularly to make sure it’s working properly. Many people have opted to get a second backup sump pump this year, which is a great idea if you can get your hands on one. You should also monitor drains and gutters around your home and make sure they’re clear of clutter and debris. If you’re in a location with highly probable flooding, you can also get some sandbags prepared. Even if you take all the proactive steps, flooding may still unfortunately occur. Here are some ways to work through a flooding event at your home.

Dry Everything Out

The first step to take after a flood is to attempt to dry everything out as quickly as possible. Mold can begin forming very quickly, so you do not want to delay on this. If the flooding is extensive, you may need to contact a disaster recovery service to assist. Protect your home and your family from further deterioration and mold growth by getting the affected areas as dry as possible as quickly as possible. For highly porous materials, such as carpets and padding, you will probably need to pull it up and discard it. Sometimes carpet can be saved, but you must be quick.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next step is to call your insurance company. Many Utahns do not have flood insurance, but if you do, that is going to bring much peace of mind. Homeowner’s insurance policies don’t generally cover flooding from rain or runoff, however if there is a complication such as sewer lines backing up as a result of overflow, you may get some coverage. An adjuster can come out to assess the damage and advice you on what to do next.

Assess for Mold and Other Damages

Once things have dried out and you’re ready for the repair stage, you’ll want to get a professional out to check for hidden mold dangers and any other damages you may not initially notice. You’ll want to wait on the repair work until a mold assessment is complete so you are certain you mitigate that issue correctly rather than simply cover it up just to have another problem down the road.

Repair and Rebuild

After you’ve gotten the green light on any mold issues, you can begin the reconstruction process. Although dealing with a flood is not ideal, the good news is this is a great time to do some updates that maybe had been put off in the past. A professional remodeling and construction company like ours can help you take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a new, beautiful, updated space. We understand the frustrations of unplanned reconstruction and the stresses of an emergency situation. Our patient and thorough crew will ensure the job is done timely and right to help alleviate those stresses.