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Two Master Suites for Convenience, Flexibility, and Resale Value

Ever considered having two master suites in your home? Having more than one large bedroom with a private bathroom adjoining it opens up many possibilities for your home, both now and in the future. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your home to add more space, adding a second large bedroom with an en suite attached can add convenience and later resell value.

Master BedroomDefining the Master Bedroom

Sometimes called the owner’s bedroom or the owner’s by many developers as some feel that the concept of a bedroom for the “master” is no longer politically correct, the room may also feature additional amenities such as a large walk-in closet and room enough to incorporate a sitting room or office into the main or adjoining space. The bathroom may include a luxury tub with a separate shower and luxury features such as heated floors, exquisite tiling, and high-end finishings.

Having at least one master suite is a luxurious touch for a home, one that implies added privacy and pampering. Some harried parents might regard any attached bathroom as a plus, but with enough space and budget for extra amenities, the bathroom and the room itself can constitute a spa-like setting.

Why Have Two Master Suites?

Doubling up with two master suites allows you to have a guest room with its own facilities. In many households, the family bathroom schedule is fairly tight, so having a separate bathroom for guests allows them privacy while not disturbing the family. Having a larger, more private room also allows them to feel comfortable, rather than as if they are imposing.

When your home is two stories, having two master suites offers you enormous flexibility. Couples with young children often want to sleep on the same floor as the kids in case they hear crying in the night. As the kids grow up a bit, a bit of distance can be desirable. Having a second master suite on a separate floor allows privacy for both adults and children.

Long Term Benefits of Double Masters

If you stay in your home for the long run until you get to the point where you may need to minimize stair climbing, having a master suite on the first floor is an asset. With sleeping and bathroom facilities easily accessible, you can plan to “age in place” and stay in your home far longer than you might if you had to climb stairs to get to bed.

When it comes time to sell your home, having the two master suites also presents interesting options to buyers who appreciate having a choice of bedrooms and having quality space for guests. While having the space is appealing to buyers, the layout and location of the master bed and bath is what seals the deal. Having a well-designed space that hits the list of popular buyer must-haves will help you feel the maximum value of your investment in two master suites.

If you are thinking of having remodeling work done to create another master bedroom, make sure to work with a quality contractor such as Topp Remodeling and Construction, who can turn the right plans for two master suites into a pair of desirable retreats.