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3 Custom Home Design “Trends” You Can Love for Decades

Whenever we talk about custom home design trends, we can’t help but think about fashion trends that come and go in a season. But custom homes should never be trendy – they should be timeless.

This year’s color of the year, lovely as it is, will soon give way to something different. But who wants to repaint every year?

home design trends

So, today, when we talk about custom home design trends, we’re going to talk about features and styles that will feel as fresh and relevant in 20 years as they do today.

No. 1: Warm, Natural & Sustainable Materials

The collective regard for the natural environment will continue to grow over the coming decades. Using sustainable materials in your design is one way to minimize your environmental impact.

But using natural, sustainable materials is about much more than ecology. It’s a way for you and your family to offset the cold, hard edges that you are subjected to in today’s tech-heavy world.

Wood, cork, cotton and silk are some of the most popular renewable materials. Although bamboo is highly touted as “the” renewable wood, wood sourced from certified sources – locations where reforestation is ongoing – is great for the environment and the economy.

Other natural materials that create a special feeling in custom home design include glass, soapstone, leather and clay. Each of these can bring a tactile sense of nature’s calming influence into your new home.

No. 2: Less Workspace, More Play Space

For the past 20 years, residential architects and designers have devoted much time and attention to home offices. As more and more Americans began to telecommute, at least some of the time, adding workspaces to the home became a priority.

Today, the focus has shifted to adding more play space to the home.

Many custom home clients will still need an office. But it’s important to include at least as much space for spending your leisure hours. Families are spending more playtime at home, so adding a recreation space or home theater makes sense. Other ideas include a dedicated home gym, a putting green, basement climbing walls and built-in bars.

No. 3: Useful, Transitional Spaces

The last custom home design trend may be the most important one of all.

Americans are downsizing their homes across the board. We want less space to clean, heat and cool – and we want to focus our lives on making more from less. In response to this trend, architects and designers stress the importance of making good use of every square inch of your home.

In today’s home design, we see this reflected in the elimination of hallways and other wasted space. We see it in flexible spaces that can serve a variety of purposes. And we see it in the quest to make the transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Custom home designs include walls that seemingly melt away, creating seamless transitions to outdoor living space. They include outdoor living zones that allow families to truly enjoy all of the natural beauty Utah has to offer.

The key to finding the best design elements for your custom home is matching them to your family’s wants and needs. Topp Remodeling & Construction, based in Murray, Utah, provides a highly personalized experience for our customers, ensuring that your new home is everything you’ve dreamed it would be.

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