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Bathroom Remodeling Errors Avoided by Quality Contractors, Part 1

When it comes to bathroom remodeling within the home, the general contractors at Topp Remodeling & Construction are your number one choice here in Utah. We’ve helped numerous Utah homeowners with their home remodeling and home addition needs throughout the structure, with numerous quality bathroom remodels in our portfolio.

Not only are we here to provide fantastic value on materials and labor to bring you the desired final product for an affordable cost, we’re also present to help keep your remodeling project on-track. Those who do not work with a general contractor during a major bathroom remodel, or those who choose a subpar contractor, risk several errors taking place that can sidetrack or even derail the remodel altogether, both from a cost and time perspective. This two-part blog will go over some of the common bathroom remodeling mistakes out there, many of which trace back to a failure to work with the right professionals.

bathroom remodeling errors contractors

DIY Without Proper Skills

As we noted above, those who do not work with a contractor for major bathroom remodeling tasks are risking quality, cost and even safety during the process. Just because you have some time available and can swing a hammer doesn’t mean you’re qualified to perform many of the detailed tasks our contractors carry out, from plumbing connections to electrical circuits and numerous other potentially hazardous areas for those without training.

Even those who are handier than the typical homeowner will run into issues at some point without quality contractors on their side. Violating local building codes is a common result of such an approach, for instance, but our team will steer you clear of this and several related issues.

Improper Planning

One major area a quality general contractor assists with is planning for your entire project, from demolition through completion of the new bathroom. Many of those who attempt bathroom remodels on their own do not have a full plan before they begin demolition, leading to cost and other issues that arise during the process.

Unrealistic Budget

Down similar lines, a good general contractor will keep you realistic about your budget and how it matches your desires. Many homeowners who badly want a nicer remodel than they can afford will subconsciously try to stretch every dollar as far as possible, even to the point where they’re being completely oblivious to major cost issues building up on their budget right in front of them. Even if you were well-intentioned in this process and did not mean to extend yourself too far financially, you may reach the end of the road and find you’ve exceeded your initial estimates by large amounts.

For more on avoiding common bathroom remodeling mistakes, many of which come back to hiring the right team around you, or to learn about any of our home additions or home remodeling services, speak to the staff at Topp Remodeling & Construction today.