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Remodeling a Fixer-Upper: Budget, Needs and Inspiration

At Topp Remodeling & Construction, we’re proud to assist with home remodels and upgrades for every variety of home our clients might have a need for. One particular type that’s always a treat for contractors, and that we’re happy to work with: Fixer-uppers!

These types of homes, which require significant work to return them to an ideal state, are often targeted by those who have the time, inclination and budget to improve them and, in many cases, obtain significant positive value as a result. And while some elements of your upgrades here might be similar to those you’d take for other home types, there may also be additional challenges or structural concerns as well. This multi-part blog series will look at some general tips we offer clients on remodeling fixers, plus how you can prepare for this process.

remodeling fixer-upper budget needs

Repair Vs. Replace

One of the first big questions as you begin evaluating your new fixer: Which areas can be repaired or upgraded, while which might require full-on replacement? There will be several themes that fit into the former here, such as smaller appliances, minor repair issues and several others – our contractors will advise you on which of these are simpler and which might come with an elevated cost.

You should also evaluate replacement needs, which are sometimes more significant. Any structural concerns or significant safety hazards usually fall under this category, as do items that have simply worn down past their reasonable lifespan range. Making a list of these items in advance will help you lay out your budget for the entire project.

Budget Considerations

Speaking of budget, the early parts of this process are when you should be thinking about several budgetary areas. First and foremost, you should enter the entire fixer purchase process with an understanding that additional funds beyond the purchase price will be needed – and you should have a general idea of what your budget ceiling is here. Be upfront and honest with our contractors about your price points and thresholds, which will help us direct it ideally toward the completion of your project.

Gathering Inspiration

This one is more of a theme than a specific task, but it’s one we recommend to all our clients when remodeling: Find ways to gather inspiration, whether through social media, friends and family, magazines and newspapers, or even directly working with an interior designer. If you’re struggling to find ideas for a certain area or theme, you might even consider an online quiz that will help you understand your own preferences and utilize them to your benefit.

For more on how to go about remodeling a fixer-upper, or to learn about any of our remodeling, home additions or other general contractor services, speak to the staff at Topp Remodeling & Construction today.