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Remodeling a Utah Fixer-Upper: Lists, Contractor, Permits

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to begin the process of remodeling a fixer-upper home. A fixer home, which requires significant work and upgrades to return it to its optimal state, is often attractive to those who have the time, budget and inclination to make these kinds of changes – but entering this situation with some general knowledge and preparation is important.

At Topp Remodeling & Construction, we provide numerous home remodeling and home addition services in Utah, including helping our clients prepare for a remodel of any level of fixer home. We’ve assisted with hundreds of fixer-upper remodels spanning numerous different needs or products, and we’ll make your process simpler and easier as well. Here are several other general tips we recommend when it comes to a fixer-upper remodel.

remodeling fixer-upper contractor permits

Making Lists

Usually beginning toward the start of your remodeling process, keeping lists of various tasks or needs handy is a great method to keep yourself and anyone else working with you on-task. The first step here will be jotting down all your primary needs, desires and purposes for the remodel in detail – determining which are your most important priorities, plus the general order and timeline in which you’d like to complete the project.

From here, you can tweak these lists as the project moves forward. Once you begin working with our quality contractors, we’ll take over several of the items for you, as well.

Finding a Trustworthy Contractor

Speaking of finding a contractor, this is a vital part of the remodeling process for a fixer-upper. While there might be certain parts of this remodel that are simple and can be performed on a DIY basis, you’ll almost certainly run into structural, building and other areas that require professional training and expertise, and will be risking both safety and quality otherwise.

In these situations, you need a trusty contractor on your team. We recommend utilizing tools like word-of-mouth, online reviews and others to evaluate the reputation of a contractor you’re considering – practices that tend to lead Utah clients landing on our contractors more often than not, given our excellent local reputation.


One particular area that a good contractor will assist you with during this sort of remodel: Acquiring any requisite permits, completing basic paperwork, and generally getting approval for various improvements you’ll be making. These permits might be required by your state or perhaps by your local government; in other case, they could even be created by a homeowners’ association you may need to deal with. In any situation, we’ll help you navigate these waters.

For more on any of our remodeling services in Utah, including for fixer-uppers, speak to the staff at Topp Remodeling & Construction today.