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Remodeling Vs. New Home: Regulations, Efficiency and Damage

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on whether you should take on a major home remodel or simply build a new home from the ground up. While the latter tends to be more expensive, there are situations where remodels are so significant that their price tags approach the cost of building a new home, especially when factoring in labor and hassle.

At Topp Remodeling & Construction, we're happy to offer both these services, from building custom home frames to performing a huge range of remodels and home additions. What are some of the other top variables you should be considering if you're deciding between a major remodel and a new home build? Here are several others to think about.

Local Regulations

In certain cases, parts of your decision will be made for you in the form of local regulations or jurisdictional laws. There are many areas, including major metropolitan centers, where it's much faster and less costly to get approval for projects that involve leaving the existing home's frame in place – on the flip side, there are those where approval will not vary much between the two types.

There also might be certain specific zoning laws in your area that prevent certain building types or additions. You may have to go before a zoning board and receive permission for a project, or you could be denied. Our contractors will be happy to work with you on zoning and local regulations for any project you're considering.

Water Damage Concerns

In some cases, the impetus for a remodel or new home build is major water damage that's taken place in the current home, including significant flooding or heath risks. In these cases, will a remodel of the affected areas be sufficient, or will a tear-down and rebuild of the entire home be prudent?

This generally depends on the extent of the damage. If damage is only on the lower floor and only affects a foot or two of the area, stripping lower wall halves and replacing them in a remodeling format is often possible. If damage has impacted multiple floors and is damaging the structural integrity of the entire home, however, a new build might be both the safer and more financially sound move.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, what are your preferences for energy efficiency and eco-friendly behaviors? If these are top priorities for you, those you're willing to spend a little extra for, new home builds are the way to go – they allow for numerous energy efficient appliances and features to be installed. It's a bit tougher to retrofit energy efficient items, though still possible in many cases depending on your exact desires.

For more on how to decide between remodeling your current home and building a new one, or to learn about any of our custom home remodeling or home addition services, speak to the staff at Topp Remodeling & Construction today.