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Bathroom Remodeling Errors Avoided by Quality Contractors, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common bathroom remodeling mistakes a quality remodeling contractor will help you avoid. Those who choose not to work with a general contractor for their remodel, or those who choose a subpar professional to work with, are risking areas ranging from quality and safety to budget, timing and more.

At Topp Remodeling & Construction, we’re proud to offer a wide range of bathroom remodeling services as part of our overall home remodeling solutions. We’ve helped numerous clients avoid common errors and keep their remodeling job on track throughout each stage of the process, and we’re here to do the same for you while helping you achieve your ideal bathroom remodel. Here are a few other pitfalls we’ll help steer you away from.

bathroom remodeling errors avoided contractors

Unnecessary Changes

One common error we’ve seen from homeowners during a bathroom remodel is an error of overexuberance: Thinking more needs to be done during the remodel than is really necessary. There are some bathroom remodels that don’t require a full-on overhaul of the space – maybe you’re changing out the vanity, for instance, or installing new countertops while leaving much of the remaining space the same.

Once again, this is an area where a skilled contractor taking part in your planning phases will be enormously valuable. Our contractors will help you determine the true needs present in your bathroom, plus any desired additions you’re considering – plus how these work with your budget and how significant a job should be undertaken. We have specific knowledge of areas like plumbing connections that may or may not need to be involved, allowing us to give you accurate timelines and expectations for the job.

Lack of Attention to Detail

Another area where a quality contractor is hugely beneficial during a bathroom remodel is their attention to detail. It’s easy to overlook certain small areas if you’ve never performed a bathroom remodel before, from lights to sink height, fixture placement and properly hiding plumbing connections – but an experienced contractor handles these with ease.

One particular detail area to keep high in mind is the bathroom fan. This item is vital for ventilation and preventing mold or mildew from forming, and should not only be considered during the remodel, but also cleaned and maintained regularly.

Not Enough Storage

Finally, in their excitement to consider a variety of other new features or designs, some homeowners gloss over one of the most important parts of any bathroom remodel or setup: Storage. You must ensure there’s enough space for proper storage, or else find yourself with a beautiful-looking remodel – but nowhere to put bathroom items like towels, hygiene products and others.

For more on avoiding common bathroom remodeling mistakes, or to learn about any of our home remodeling or home addition services, speak to the staff at Topp Remodeling & Construction today.